Sling LSA

The Sling comprises a stressed skin semi-monocoque structure, precision punched from sheet aluminium by CNC punch. Punching is so precise that no drilling-out or de-burring is required. Parts go together much as with a child’s “Mechano” toy. The entire build is light, precise and simple, even for beginners to manage.

The Sling is flown subject to a MAUW restriction of 1320 lbs. In this configuration the Sling complies with all the requirements of ASTM F2245 – “Standard Specification for the Design and Performance of a Light Sport Aircraft”.

Standard Equipment

Sling constructed from CNC punched aircraft grade aluminium Dark grey carpets with sound proofing under
Anodised main spars and all aluminium parts are Alodined for corrosion protection Centre console with padded armrest and small storage hatch
Rotax 912 ULS (100 hp) engine with automatic carb heat system & stainless steel exhaust Cabin heater – both sides
3 bladed ground adjustable Warp Drive composite propellor with nickel leading edge & 10″ composite spinner Oil cooler and radiator for hot and cold operation with in-line oil thermostat
Front gear, engine mount and pedals made from 4130 steel Auxillary electric fuel pump
Robust main gear from uni and biax glass fibre & aircraft grade epoxy MGL Explorer iEFIS multifunction touch screen primary instrument which also displays:
Robust coil spring with needle roller bearings on front gear EGT, CHT, oil temp, oil press, rpm, fuel level, fuel press, fuel flow, manifold press,
150 Litre (39 US gal) wet fuel tanks in wings (75 Litre for LSA) 3 1/8″ backup instruments – ASI, altimeter, 2 1/4″ slip indicator, standard panel mount compass
Large electrically operated slotted flaps MGL V6 VHF radio / intercom & Rami 10V VHF antenna
Ailerons and elevator use pushrod controls with bearings & all control surface hinges use ball bearings Cast aluminium unheated pitot tube with angle of attack
Inspection hatches at all junctions and inspection points Internal red LED cabin light
Full dual controls – sticks, pedals, throttle and brakes Glove / map box in instrument panel
Matco axles, wheels and powerful hydraulic disc brakes with park brake – 5″ front & 6″ main wheels with 4/6 ply aviation tyres Landing / taxi lights (double 55 W) on one wing
Composite wheel spats on all 3 wheels Locking fuel caps, Andair fuel selector valve (selection – left, right, off)
Fixed front windscreen, roll-over protection bar and rear sliding main canopy with lockable canopy lock Painted single colour on the outside and grey interior
Electrically operated elevator trim tab, Flap controller – 4 position auto switch panel Halon fire extinguisher, first aid kit with emergency signal strips
RAC stick grip with PTT, elevator trim and flap buttons on LH seat stick & RAC stick grip with ptt on RH Sling Sunshield, lightweight canopy cover, plugs and covers for intakes and pitot tube
Circuit breakers in the instrument panel Fuel tester, engine tool kit
Adjustable seats – both base and back, adjustable pedals Log books, pilot operators and maintenance manuals
Side handle for climbing onto the wing Registered and with flight authorization or with the necessary paperwork for export orders
Leather upholstery (seats, map pockets and stick boots) and new style leatherette interior side panels with pockets Test flown, trimmed and instruments calibrated
Padded leather dash top with cooling vent for instruments.

Optional Upgrade Items

Aviation start keyed switch – master|left|right|both|start VSI 0 – 2,000 ft/min
Rotax 914 UL (115 hp) turbo charged engine instead of the Rotax 912 ULS Aveo triple AveoFlash LED strobe and nav light system with lifetime warrantee
Special colour paint scheme per extra colour Aveo triple PowerBurst LED strobe and nav light system with lifetime warrantee
Carbon fibre look on panel and centre console Kuntzleman triple strobe streamline head with nav light system
Golf bag luggage extension Additional standard landing lights on RH wing
Magnum 601 ballistic parachute Garmin GTX 327
Whirlwind 3 bladed ground adjustable 70″ prop Trig 21 Mode S transponder
Put parachute cables and all mount brackets and skins in readiness for a parachute Vacuum pump system with gauge and regulator
Airmaster 3 blade constant speed prop with nickel leading edges and aluminium spinner Artificial Horizon gyro vacuum gauge
Rotax 912 iS (100 hp) fuel injected engine instead of the Rotax 912 ULS Artificial Horizon gyro electric gauge
Special complex stripes on fuselage, wings or spats Direction Indicator gyro gauge
Dual toe hydraulic brakes instead of hand operated brake Countersinking of all exterior rivets
Xenon landing light (single) instead of standard Halogen (price for each one) Turn Coordinator Indicator electric gauge
Garmin SL30 NAV COM with AV 12L antenna (instead of MGL V6) Course Deviation Indicator gauge
Garmin SL40 radio and intercom with 10V VHFantenna (instead of MGL V6) Zaon Collision Avoidance PCAS XRX installed
PM 1000 II Intercom with VOX and music input FT-6- Red Block Fuel Flow Transducer (instead of the standard flow sender)
Ameriking ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) Night lights on “6 pack” analogue instruments with dimmer
A second MGL Explorer iEFIS and backup battery (no analogue gauges) MGL autopilot servos connected to Voyager EFIS (roll & pitch autopilot)
A second MGL Explorer iEFIS with backup battery (keeping analogue gauges) Elevator trim on both sticks (full dual operation)
Kuntzleman LED landing light (single) instead of standard Halogen (price for each one) Arrange CAA test flights and approvals for flight school training Authority to Fly
Ram mount and charge connection for iPad